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Our program follows a cognitive-behavioral approach that will provide the foundation for the most effective treatment with the population and will be based upon the Sex Offender Containment Model, a comprehensive approach to sex offender management, drawing on the expertise and special knowledge of all the agencies, partners and individuals working with individuals to manage properly.

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Risk Assessment; will be provided upon entry to the program as well as periodically that will provide ongoing assessment of treatment progress as well as risk for recidivism re-offending. Sex Offenders Against Recidivism S.

Chemical castration: Alabama vs. Texas law

Discuss issues surrounding their offense and initiate tools to reduce the risk for relapse to re-offend. Medication Management ; will be evaluated by a psychiatrist, providing psychotropic medications for individuals in need.


He also told the station that he hopes fear of possible castration will make potential sex offenders think twice before committing crimes, which is not entirely consistent with the stated goal of protecting minors from dangerous predators with an incurable psychological compulsion who have paid their debt to society but literally cannot help themselves. In fact, the statute is a hot mess of bad drafting, which is why its sponsors are leaning hard on the horrifying images of infant sexual abuse to distract from the fact that it treats a flasher the same as a serial rapist — both are subject to mandatory, indefinite chemical castration, with no regard for their likelihood of recidivism.

Secondly, the law requires all sex offenders to undergo medroxyprogesterone acetate treatment, AKA Depo Provera injections. For men, this results in impotence and lack of sexual desire.

Youth Services teams with universities for sex offender programs.

For women, it does … nothing, except possibly make them chubby and infertile. Nevertheless, the law requires a woman or a quadriplegic, or a year-old on hospice care to begin treatment at least a month before scheduled release and continue until a judge gives her the okay to stop. If a parolee of either gender terminates treatment without permission of the court, then he or she must immediately submit for re-incarceration, or be guilty of a Class C felony.

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What grounds might a judge consider for allowing an offender to discontinue chemical injections? And that is not even a joke.

These laws are rarely applied, though, with only a handful of parolees each year undergoing chemical castration. Just like mandatory minimums, and three-strikes laws, and every other statute that exists solely as a vehicle for lawmakers to tell their constituents how very much they hate bad guys.

Alabama Sex Offender Registry

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Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse

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