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Until now, sifting through the Burton's extensive holdings was something of a daunting mission. There was no available index to let researchers, genealogists and history buffs even know what was in those archives.

Out-of-town sleuths best hope of discovering that year-old historical map or City Council record from the 18th century was to show up, in person, and get to work. All this changed with the production of the Burton's new digital index, a project that brought together federal, state and private groups together to digitize every one of the Collection's holdings, available online for perusal note: the index is available online, but the papers themselves still must be viewed in person.

The partnership utilized matching grants provided by the Friends of the Detroit Public Library and the National Historic Public Records Commission; aid from Michigan state archivist Mark Harvey; and archival support from Wayne State's archivist program, which provided students for the hard work of cataloging through the Michigan History Foundation in Lansing.

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Source: High Ground. Source: Metromode. He would eat lunch with us. He also had no hands, only stumps.

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But he got on well and was a working fool. Hope this helps a little.

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Here is a newspaper article about a fire at the Jackson County House in They had Clydesdale horses that used to keep the inmates employed. My husband remembers visiting it once when he was very young and being scared to death. Just in the last year we've passed the old buildings, but I couldn't tell you the street names, just that it's near Petersburg.

It was recently found in a building in Marshall, MI which was being vacated and turned over to the community historian. He gave the Calhoun County Genealogical Society permission to copy it.

Farmington Hills, Michigan

When it is available on our website I will notify you. My great-uncle, James Purtell, was the administrator for 30 years, and in searching for information about him, I have looked through these Poor Farm books. I have been told that some were salvaged, but that salvage had been discouraged when these records were dumped. I would love to learn more about any Allegan Co. It is the Belknap Cemetery , on Klee Rd. It is very tiny--about 35 bodies. They have no lot cards, as the plots were provided by the township to those who couldn't afford plots.

My great grandparents and 2 of their children are buried there, as are a few distant relatives.

She kindly provided me with some information on my family members buried there. You can find the index to the articles by clicking on this link. The building was razed recently. We understand that a documentary about the old poor farm has been produced and has been showing on local cable TV during the summer of But we have not been informed whether permanent copies of the video will be archived where the public can have access to them in the future, or whether there is a way in which people interested in that history but who do not live in the viewing area of that television station will be able to see it.

For information you may inquire of Donald W.