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M ii Andrew Andreas Paulsen was born about He died on 8 Feb He married Lottie Niebruegge on 12 Sep in St.

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Francis, Kansas. F v Christina Paulsen was born about M vi Alwin Paulsen was born about M vii William Wilhelm Paulsen was born about He died on 8 Dec in Belmont, Lafayette County. Johann immigrated in Sep She emigrated on 10 Oct M iii Justus H. She died on 5 Jun in Belmont, Lafayette, Wisc. She immigrated on 10 Oct He died on 16 Feb in Belmont, Lafayette, Wisc.

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Diedrich immigrated in Sep Wilhelm emigrated in Sep He died on 31 Jul in Belmont, Lafayette, Wisc. He immigrated on 10 Oct M viii George H. He died on 4 Feb in Brush, Morgan, Colo. He married Elisabeth Louise Sophie Kahlow. Bernhard emigrated in from Ship: Donau, from Hamburg to Ny. The Name Ruhge doesn't exist in Germany.

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She married Bernhard John Ruhge. Elisabeth emigrated in from Ship: Donau, from Hamburg to Ny.

He married Wilhelmina Mina Minnie Hillman in Frederic emigrated in from Ship: Donau, from Hamburg to Ny. He married Sophia Struebing in Henry emigrated in from Ship: Donau, from Hamburg to Ny. He died after He married Margaret Sollar in John emigrated in from Ship: Donau, from Hamburg to Ny. She married Thomas Hans Lage on 2 Oct Caecilia immigrated on 22 Mar to on the "Westphalia".. Hamburg to Nj.

She emigrated from Burg Dithmarschen Germany. He died in in Monmouth New Jersey. He married Henrike. Johannes emigrated in from Burg Dithmarschen Germany. He immigrated on 22 Mar to Westphalia"..

He died about in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. She married Carl Lage on 2 Oct He immigrated on 2 Nov On the passenger-list: Schuhmacher! He was discharged from the German army due to flat feet in She immigrated on 2 Nov She married Charles Milhahn about She was naturalized in in Kent. He married Ida Martens on 19 Jul He died on 18 Dec in Otoe, Nebraska. He married Margerate Sophia Brinkman about Louis emigrated in from Hannover. He travelled to Europe. Living in "berlin" Otoe nebraska Sporhase, Louis U.

Berlin, Neb. She died after She married Louis Sr Sporhase about Margerate emigrated in from Bremen - Baltimore, Ship: Frankfurt.

She immigrated on 28 Mar She died on 20 Dec in Platteville, Grant Co. She married Johann Andreas Steinhoff. Johanna emigrated in from Bremen - Ny, Ship: Bremen. Crocker-Langley San Francisco directory for the year commencing.. Volume Sutter, California, United States - Langley's San Francisco directory for the year commencing.. Sut Gudehus Frederick. Sacramento Hagen Annie, Ninth Geary, California, United States - He was raised on a cattle, wheat and Wenatchee, United States - The groom's sister and Craig, Colorado, United States - T rend the letter at Beverly In August with other papers and sent them to the white house.

Tt was Tulare, California, United States - A Memorial volume of the bi-centennial celebration of the town of Windham, Connecticut : containing the historical addresses, poems, and a description of events Brooklyn, Connecticut, United States - Encyclopedia of American biography.

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New Series, Vol. One, George August , 3d, on July 17, The other, Jean L. Tinnerman, on December 28, Cleveland, Cleveland, United Kingdom - Indiana and Indianans : a history of aboriginal and territorial Indiana and the century of statehood V. Fort, Indiana, United States - History of Alexander, Union and Pulaski counties, Illinois Wetaug, Illinois, United States - Vital statistics of Seymour, Conn. Carl August , son of August and Catharine Buchler, aged 4 y. Connecticut, United States - Whitaker's peerage, baronetage, knightage, and companionage Prince Christian Eriedrieh Christian.

Carl August of Sen lksw 1 August enburg, K. Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom - History of philosophy : from Thales to the present time vol. Leibnitz, Steiermark, Austria - Historical encyclopedia of Illinois Volume Addison, Illinois, United States - Annual Report of the Town Officers Anderson Andrew, Buckminster rd. Anderson August , Newton st.

Anderson Carl, Warren st. Anderson Edward B. Beacon, Massachusetts, United States - Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine Indians, apparently friendly, called on Dominicus August 10 of that year, to buy some goods. He had no suspicion of Canada, Canada - History of the Norwegian people Volume On Si-ptenilx London, London, United Kingdom - Register [containing a list of persons employed in the department and in the diplomatic, consular and territorial service of the United States, with maps Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom - Managua, United States - Go further Think about searching the collection 'Other documents'.

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These records are kept by the civil registrar Standesbeamte at the civil registry office Standesamt. Study these links to learn what information can be found in them:. For a comprehensive understanding of civil registration, study the article Germany Civil Registration.

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Research your town name in MeyersGaz. It is indicated by the abbreviation "StdA". However, some of the offices were merged in 's, so the record location might be different than that listed in MeyersGaz. Since , birth records have been public after years, marriages after 80 years and deaths after 30 years. A direct relationship direct descendants and direct ancestors to the subject of the record sought will be required in cases where the required time period has not yet elapsed.

Even then, the records may be accessible if it can be shown that all "participating parties" have died at least 30 years ago. Participating parties are both parents and the child in birth records, and both spouses in a marriage. Try to find records in the collection of the FamilySearch Library. Many microfilms have been digitized for online viewing. Gradually, everything will be digitized, so check back occasionally. To find records:. Civil registration records for Germany can be obtained by writing to the local civil registry Standesamt or the district archives.

Records may have been lost at one location of the other, so you might end up checking both. The first office you contact might choose to forward your request to the other location if necessary. Detailed instruction for what to include in the letter, plus German translations of the questions and sentences most frequently used are in the German Letter Writing Guide. Church records parish registers, church books are an important source for genealogical research in Germany before civil registration began. They recorded details of baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials.