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Outside millage is prohibited by state law to increase with annual property valuations for residential property so revenues remain nearly constant during the life of the levy because they are assessed against the value of property in the year the levy was passed. In other words, a levy passed in year one, generates nearly the same amount ten years later, because state law prohibits outside millage levies from being subjected to new reappraised values of property, which occur every three years.

The result is the inevitable need to increase or replace millage with new levies every few years to keep pace with rising operational costs, which are subject to inflationary increases.

Warren County Auditor

The Board of Trustees cannot raise taxes. When the Board of Trustees determines that additional revenues are necessary to maintain or increase current service levies, it can decide to place the issue before the voters. A majority vote of the electorate is required to pass the issue. How levies can affect your taxes: Levies allow voters to choose to raise the money to support the services they demand as residents.

Understanding Levies, Millage and Taxes Let's take a brief look at how levies operate. How is appraised value determined? The County Auditor uses real estate sales in the county, specific property characteristics, and statistical analysis to arrive at the appraised value for every property in the county. The appraised value is determined as of January 1st of the year of the assessment.

What happens when a tax levy is passed by the voters? Every levy ballot must contain language showing the year the levy commences begins. For example, " Inside millage is limited by law to 10 mills for any taxing district. Because they are inside mills, these 10 mills can be collected as a levy without being voted on by the people in the taxing district. Research Services. Lineage Societies. Interest Groups. Hamilton Co. This office was established in April when all of Ohio was divided into only two counties.

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Present Hamilton County lines were established about This office records, preserves and makes available for inspection documents relating to real estate and other personal records. Real estate involves not only the sale, lease or transfer of property, but also encumbrances such as mortgages and liens that would either block or affect the title of a piece of property. All deeds, mortgages, leases, mechanic liens and releases have survived various courthouse fires since Some have been recopied due to wear and tear. Hamilton County land research can be difficult.

Virginia Military District - , land grants to "pay" Revolutionary War soldiers. Deeds From to , deeds and all other types of documents were recorded in deed books "A" through "W2.

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So any date ranges given for books are approximate years. The first numerical book, 20, was to be the first mortgage book. When deed book "W2" was full, deeds were recorded in new book This process was continued, new books alternating between deeds and mortgages, until when there was a book created for both deeds and mortgages. Deed books 21 through are online at Recorders Office. Books through have been digitized and are online at FamilySearch. Click on Browse, then Land and Property Records. Published deeds and indexes. Main Library William H. PLCH: Deed Indexes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 part 1 , 8, 7 part 2 covering years are now available on our website here:.

Some deed indexes by name of grantee or grantor, 9 through 21a , have been digitized and are online at FamilySearch. Deeds created after are online at the Recorder's Office.


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Deed geographical indexes : Geographical, location or "by-area" indexes to deeds go back to the beginning of the county. The current set, Series 8 , is in physical books at the Recorder's Office. Series 1 through 7 is on microfilm and online at the Recorder's Office. From to , mortgages were recorded in deed books "A" through "W2. New mortgage book numbers alternated with deed book numbers until , when there was a book created for both deeds and mortgages.

Mortgage Books 20 through have been digitized and are online at FamilySearch. All books from 20 thru May are now available online at the Recorder's Office.

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The book numbers from 20 to are not consecutive. From to , the mortgage books have no direct index. Between and , there is an index at the rear of each mortgage book. From to , leases were recorded in deed books "A" through "W2" and 21 through The first separate lease book, 1, was started in Lease books 1 through and Lease Indexes 1, 2 and 3 have been digitized and are online at FamilySearch.

Books are also available online at the Recorder's Office. Original lease index 1 covers books 6 through 49 Lease index 2 and index 3 cover books 50 through Note, entries for books 27, 39, 46, 47 in the original indexes appear to be mistakes. Entries for book 39 are really for book 40, for 43 are really book 49, for 48 are really for book These are corrected in our finding aid below. From to , see index in each book. From to , see Lease Index , and Original Lease Index 1 for books 4 to 16, 18 to 49 is available here:. Original Lease indexes 2 and 3 combined, 50 through is available here:.

Finding Aids.

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To create the surname finding aids below as quick as possible, only the lessee renters were transcribed at this time. Some lessor owners surnames are shown because of need to review. The spelling, book and page are accurate for any lease that has a complete date in the last column. For all other leases, an estimate of the time frame -- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter plus year -- is shown in the last column.

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These files are every word searchable. Search for lessor and other names after the PDF file is opened. To get a search box, hold down Ctrl key and letter "F". Terms and abbreviations: "asst. From to , liens were recorded in deed books "A" through "W2. The first separate lien book, 1, was started in