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MetroPCS® with its nationwide 4G LTE coverage provides cell phones and unlimited data, talk and *Please write your service account number on your check.

Chat logging will be re-enabled after this move, as reports of serious harassment have been reaching us, and we will need these logs in order to investigate and remove offenders. Logs will be kept for 7 days before being purged. No other data will be logged. XP has been a hotly-discussed topic over the last few weeks! Starting with the next patch, you will be able to select your own XP rate. They last for 1 hour of in-game time each, but you can stack them for up to 8 hours. If you wish to revert back to the standard XP rate, you can delete the power by right-clicking on it in the Powers window.

These boosts will also stop functioning once you hit level 50 - all Veteran Levels must be earned the old fashioned way! AE XP will still remain halved for all non-dev choice content. Please note that this is an experimental feature, it may be adjusted or removed at any time without notice.

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To be clear: Reunion will be listed alongside all the other shards, and still have access to the same shared global services Global Chat, AE, and the Auction House. The only difference is the geographical location. In order to accommodate this move, we will be providing extra shard transfer tokens to allow all of our EU players to move over to their new home!

After our migration to OVH, we will be establishing 3 regular maintenance windows in order to give you a more predictable downtime warning. This schedule may change over time, and will almost certainly shift during Summer Time. Our downtime will rarely fill this entire window, and we may not need to go down during every window, but we're reserving those slots for any maintenance that may be needed.

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Do you want juicy statistics? Do you want to Git Gud? How much RAM are we using? CPU load? How many people are breathing all of your air and stealing all of your XP?

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It will be interesting to see how the xp buffs work for folks. I dont plan to use them but it will be interesting to see how it affects the servers. I love the xp choice. I have enough influence on my main to fund everyone, so I just want to get to 50 on my alts.


Homecoming Server Update: Moves, XP, and EU! - Announcements - Homecoming

For harassment and such stuff. If over offenders happen do you think deleting there account and toons would be the best way or just ip ban. So they can't join again. I mean the ones that get warnings after warnings then suspended accounts after that. Custom XP rates kick ass! I prefer not to have any bonus, but at least it's available for those that do.

Will you keep extra XP Halcyon to encourage more players to join, or will it be reverted immediately? I have to ask though That way, all of the powerlevellers will have an easy route to an instant 50, if they want to just skip all of the "old" content that they find "mind-numbing". Full disclosure: I'm not one of those players, I love the game from ! Thank you SO much! It's what I've always wanted! It's SO pretty! City of Players - Tools for the "City of" Player. Would be great for those of us who are trying to rebuild our old rosters!

That said, not sure if Sat was chosen for a reason e.

A fully-functioning City of Heroes private server has somehow been kept secret for six years

I think an "insta token" could be a good Big Influence Sink. Yep we know it's not ideal, we just want to make sure we have a window on the weekend where our team has a good amount of time to perform the bigger tasks. It would defeat the purpose of playing the game if you can just fork over money to skip what makes it so great, no? I don't really understand that playstyle. But I don't think it's our place to decide how others play, as long as their playstyle doesn't interfere with others. So, why waste the server resources?

Just give them their end goal, and then those resources will be more open to those that actually want to play the content. Those that want to play the game "as-is" can ignore the feature and just play the game, and those that don't, can play the way they want to. I, for one, will be in the former category.

This game provides examples of:

It's more likely due to the RL "Day Job" schedules of the Admins and average server load recorded to date. You all are some smart cookies, thank you for the amazing work! I truly am humbled to be back in the game again with my old crew! Thank you!!! I really feel like the AE xp issue should be resolved. If you are giving people the ability to earn x2 xp at will, I fail to see how running x1 xp in the AE essentially have it back to its normal rates is not warranted. I can even understand saying that the xp tokens to earn a bonus will not apply in the AE, but if someone is going to choose to give up the influence they need to get enhancements then in order to stay effective in real game play they are going to need a resource for earning enhancements.

Mainly because they would be really hard to tear down they also act as containment so if something is going badly in one area it doesn't spill over. Though some of the lore pages also talk about other countries, the UN, the Internet, and even eBay as still functional, so it's unlikely that civilization is gone outside of Paragon City. Roulette : Found in some Mooks. Deliberately added to the Flawed Clone during the battle with Ajax. Some players have reported the Flawed Clone to be amazingly competent.

Others just watched as it performed the chicken dance in the corner during the whole fight. Possibly deliberately lampshaded in a bit of NPC dialogue, wherein a Circle of Thorns Spectral Demon demands a Thorn Wielder turn over his magic knife because he's too stupid to use it properly. Alien Invasion : The Rikti, although they're actually forcibly-mutated humans from Another Dimension. All Webbed Up : Arachnoid lairs are often decorated with humanoid web masses.

Once you find out more about his origins, he's really more of a combination of Captain America and Captain Marvel , since he's a mystically powered Flying Brick who occasionally uses magical lightning offensively and literally has the Power of Zeus. His granddaughter, Ms. Liberty is basically a combination of Supergirl and Wonder Girl. Positron is a radioactive Iron Man , with a since-resolved Clingy Costume issue.

Manticore is Batman with the fighting style of Green Arrow. Sister Psyche heavily resembles Jean Grey , right down to being a redhead. Synapse, the token speedster, is generally considered an equivalent to The Flash , with added electricity powers. Alternate Universe : Tons. There's a company dedicated to exploring them. Some notable examples Praetoria: Formerly a standard Mirror Universe where the good guys are bad, since retconned into something a little less black and white.

Home of the Reichsman. The Shadow Shard: Extradimensional prison of an insane god. Visually similar to Outland.