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What is Fuse Replacement?

There are different types of fuses used on vehicles including the glass cartridge, bladed, and ceramic. Most fuses found on today's vehicles are bladed. They're color coded according to their amperage rating. When the metal strip melts, the fuse must be replaced.


The fuse most likely blew because of excessive current flow or circuit overload. If the circuit has repeated fuse failure, check it for a short to ground. Turn the ignition switch to the run position.

Required Tools for this Project

Clamp the end of the test light or the negative cable of the voltage meter to a good ground close to the fuse box. The advantage of a digital multimeter is that it is self-protected.

Connect the two leads from the multimeter to the terminals of the controller. For this type, color order does not matter. The screen should display the value 1. Put both ends together to ensure proper operation of the multimeter. The display should read zero. If this is not the case, replace the battery of the device.

Put the contact pins against the two ends of the fuse. Fuse working: there will be system continuity if the screen displays the value 0, or it emits a continuous sound. Fuse is blown: the fuse is dead if the display shows the value 1 or no sound is heard.


How to Change a Car Fuse in 8 Easy Steps

Some fuses are fitted with control pellets that self-destruct when they are blown. They are easily identifiable. To test a fuse without multimeter, take a flashlight equipped with a flat battery. Unscrew the bulb and get the battery. When replacing a fuse, insert one with the exact same rating as the one being removed.

How Wires, Fuses, and Connectors Work | HowStuffWorks

Chip style fuses shown here pull out using a special tool designed to grab the end piece. On other makes and models, fuses may be contained in a box under the hood. Fuse panels and fuse boxes have a cover piece that may require a small flathead screwdriver to remove. A typical fuse-pulling tool of plastic construction which grabs onto the colored cap at the top of a fuse. Most automakers supply these inside the fuse panel. Physically remove the fuse using a small, specially shaped fuse puller tool.

The tool serves to clamp around the numbered outer edge of the fuse that you can see. Some vehicles include this tool stored within the fuse box. Once the fuse is out, inspect the metal wire piece inside of it.

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A visibly broken metal strip indicates the fuse has blown and needs to be replaced. Install a new fuse with the same amperage rating — usually the vehicle manufacturer provides extras in the fuse panel. Under no circumstances should a replacement with a lower or greater amp rating be used. This photo shows a blade style fuse that has blown and no longer functions.

How To Use A Multimeter On A Car Fuse Panel Board Cover 34380

Notice the conductive metal strip is broken in the middle. This photo shows a glass fuse that has blown and no longer functions because of the broken conductive metal strip that runs down the middle.

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A fracture in the strip could be obscured out of sight behind the opaque plastic end cap.