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If not, it is still entirely possible to have the conviction dismissed.

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If your records are expunged, sealed or dismissed you can apply for a job or rent an apartment, confident that the prospective employer or landlord will not be able to see your criminal record or at a minimum see a conviction. Rather, they will see that the case was dismissed by the court.

Many juvenile offenders will be eligible for expungement in Idaho.

Can You Expunge a Felony in Idaho?

Eligibility depends on the nature of the offense, the sentencing and the age of the offender at the time of the offense. Adults may be eligible for expungement or dismissal after the term of probation is completed.

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In a case where the offense was a felony such as grand theft , domestic battery , or felony DUI that cannot be expunged, a lawyer may be able to get the court to dismiss the charge or reduce it to a misdemeanor. It is extremely important that a person convicted of a crime fulfill the requirements of probation. Any admission or finding by the court of a probation violation removes the opportunity for expungement or dismissal. The same rule applies if you received a withheld judgment at sentencing. Eligibility depends on two key factors.

First, if you were placed on probation you must have completed probation without ever having admitted to or been found guilty of a probation violation. Second, the Court must find there to be "good cause" to dismiss your case. Generally, the Idaho Courts find good cause if you completed your probation successfully or were simply fined.

Dismissal Or Amendment Of A Conviction (Idaho Expungement)

First, you no longer have to have served a term of probation to have your case dismissed; Second, the court does not have to find dismissal in the "public interest", rather they need only find "good cause"; and finally clarification to the statute was added directing the Idaho Courts that they have jurisdiction to grant a dismissal or expungement for individuals currently on probation and for individuals who have been off probation for a matter of a few months or multiple years.

They could also be more severe, as in getting into trouble with the law.

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Even if there was an incident in which you were found to be innocent, the mere fact that you were arrested and brought before the Idaho court system means you now have a criminal record. Because matters before the court are public, your arrest record can be accessed by anyone who decides to conduct a search in your name. Whether this is a potential employer, the military or your new girlfriend they will be able to see that you have an arrest record.

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Explaining what happened is not a conversation anyone likes to have. One option would be to file for an expungement of your arrest and court records. If granted, then no one in the public arena can look up these records. For all practical purposes, it will be as if the incident never occurred. If you are given an arrest record expungement in Idaho, all of your files will be destroyed including any finger print records, mug shots and court transcripts.


Expunge Or Vacate A Conviction In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Sounds simple, but there are restrictions. When it comes to juvenile offenses, the Idaho courts will be more open to granting an expungement if the crime was a minor one. This means that with convictions of aggravated battery, armed robbery, arson or murder the records won't be expunged. For juveniles, they can apply for an expungement five years after they have finished their probation.

How Criminal Defense Attorneys Get Cases Dismissed

For adults, the quickest way to expungement is if they have been found innocent of the charges or the case was dismissed. If a year has gone by without another incident then they will likely be granted an expungement by the Idaho courts.