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It is highly sophisticated both with regard to its color scheme and the subtle use of light and shadows. Comparison of two prints: a safety print from the Academy Film Archive, and a nitrate print from the Library of Congress. Photographs by Barbara Flueckiger.

Higgins, Scott : Harnessing the Technicolor Rainbow. Color Design in the s. Austin: University of Texas Press, on pp. Basten, Fred E. South Brunswick: Barnes, on pp. Photographs of the Technicolor dye-transfer safety print from by Barbara Flueckiger. In: Production Design , 1,11, pp. Timeline of Historical Film Colors. Christine N. Heinz B. Giorgio Trumpy , Research Scientist giorgio trumpy.

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David Pfluger , Senior Researcher david. Evelyn Echle , Scientific Research Manager evelyn. Thanks for your support! Amount EUR. Card Number. CVC Number. Expiry 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Display on Website? Payments powered by WP-Stripe. No card information is stored on this server. Technicolor No.

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IV: Three-strip. Subtractive 3 color: Color separation, beam-splitter, dye transfer. Description With the fourth Technicolor process the company dominated the market for color films from the mids to the s.

Credit: Image courtesy of the Academy Film Archive. Photograph by Barbara Flueckiger. The Red Shoes 32 Images.

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Dye-transfer print. Credit: The Film Foundation. Original dye transfer print. Credit: National Audiovisual Archive of Finland. Before the restoration.

Dye-transfer print, cropped. After the digital restoration. IV Illustrations 5 Images.


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Various illustrations and videos depict the Technicolor No. IV process. View Gallery Page Show Hide details. Source: Ball, J.

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Beam-splitter in the Technicolor camera. Technicolor Three-strip Camera. Source: Coote, Jack H. Surbiton, Surrey: Fountain Press. Gone with the Wind 53 Images. Longer exposure. Credit: Library of Congress. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 90 Images. Safety print. HDR photograph by Barbara Flueckiger. The Wizard of Oz Images.

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Credit: Images courtesy of the Academy Film Archive. Photographs of the dye-transfer print by Barbara Flueckiger. Selected Analyses: Basten, Fred E. HDR photograph of the dye-transfer print by Barbara Flueckiger. Photograph of the dye-transfer print by Barbara Flueckiger.

An American in Paris Images. Members of philanthropic organisations, such as the Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army and the YMCA, served with military units in several roles including supporting medical and nursing staffs in the care of hospital patients, distributing 'comforts' to dispersed units, and offering religious guidance and moral support.

Other civilians served in the logistical support role, including merchant seamen on the supply ships HMAS Jeparit and Boonaroo, and Qantas flight crews on military-chartered 'skippy flights' that carried personnel into and out of South Vietnam.

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There were also performers and technicians flown in to entertain the troops, Department of Defence and other public servants, contractors, and the like. Raised by hospitals around Australia, they delivered medical services and aid to the Vietnamese people. After the enemy's Tet Offensive in , support for the war diminished. Anti-war movements had begun in the USA and Australia, and protests intensified.

This was achieved over the following year. Only a small number of Australian troops then remained in South Vietnam.

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A ceasefire was announced on 27 January This enabled American and allied forces to complete their withdrawals. With American and allied, including Australian, forces withdrawn from the war, an uneasy truce existed between North and South Vietnam. On 4 January , after violations of the ceasefire by both sides, South Vietnam declared that the war was restarted. Without American military support, South Vietnamese forces struggled to contain an enemy offensive.

By March , North Vietnamese forces were advancing on Saigon. Meanwhile, Khmer Rouge forces seized control of neighbouring Cambodia. They delivered Red Cross and United Nations supplies and evacuated embassy officials and their families, foreign nationals and some refugees, namely war orphans evacuated from Saigon to Bangkok in Operation Baby Lift.

Australia's military involvement in the war ended on 25 April with the last Hercules flights into and out of Saigon. On 30 April , North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon. This effectively ended the Vietnam War, which had raged across the country, and into Cambodia and Laos, for nearly two decades-if the First Indo-China War is included, the area had been torn by conflict for almost thirty years.