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Reference Dept. If became a citizen anywhere in Lackawanna Co If became a citizen anywhere in Lackawanna Co After Federal Courthouse N. Washington Ave.

Scranton, PA PA Dept. One-Step Webpage s by Stephen P. Search functions for many online databases, including Elllis Island, immigration, census, vital records, calendars, soundex, foreign alphabets, Jewish and Holocaust. University of Scranton Weinberg Memorial Library. Osterhout Free Library S. Steamtown National Park Library S. LDS Research Outline includes a guide to microfilm sources, plus tips specific to states.

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Use the search. Lackawanna Historical Society Monroe Ave. Wyoming Historical and Geological Society 69 S. Luzerne County Historical Society. Dunmore Historical Society.

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Ellis Island information and links to database searches. Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War : Comprehensive. Sirer said. Blockchain can also enable seamless transactions with people outside the jurisdiction and give residents greater control over their data, advocates say.

When the original blockchain arrived in , it was a ledger for Bitcoins. Now the databases have spread to many companies and governments. Dubai identified 21 uses for blockchain , including charging electric vehicles, obtaining notary services and ensuring food safety. About 12 blockchain-based services are being built, Ms.

El Kaissi said.

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One goal is to ensure that Dubai residents can submit documentation for common tasks, like buying a home or applying to schools, digitally and only once. The current system often requires multiple visits to government offices. It helps that some vendors are offering their services pro bono or at a discount, avoiding what is typically an arduous procurement process.

Still, there are significant challenges.


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The technology is immature, with problems around speed, volume and security, Mr. The industry is also immature, with new vendors popping up and dropping out.

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Finally, political bureaucracy can be a hindrance. Some high-profile projects have stalled.

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Perhaps the biggest gap between expectations and reality occurred in Sierra Leone, where the Swiss foundation Agora was widely reported to have powered the first blockchain election. This turned out to be overzealous marketing. The Cook County Recorder of Deeds worked on a land registry pilot with velox. The pilot, which included creating blockchains for more than a million parcels, as well as research and encryption, took a team of nine people eight months. The system is accessible through a rudimentary website.

If you look up the property status of South Ellis Avenue , for example, you will see hundreds of pairs of character strings, which correspond to transactions going back to The pilot made it clear that some foundational work is needed before Illinois can move to a blockchain land registry, Mr.

Mirkovic said.